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Datum 3i

Discover the business impact insights from large data volumes across various data sources such as WorldWideWeb, internal databases, social media, email archives, call center systems, incident management systems, document management systems, by crawling, collecting, indexing, processing and analyzing the patterns, trends, structures. Helps organizations to solve these big problems by its unique BigData Platform to crawl, collect, index and analyze the huge amount of data in the most simple means and at the lowest TCO.

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Datum EDGE

Information Ranking & Text Engineering DatumEDGE provides unique Information Ranking & Text Engineering/Analytics on the World Wide Web by Crawling the Data based on

Consumer Complaints Analytics

Retrieval of the Business Impacting Customer complaints across the world wide web from its source to take dynamic decisions on Customer Engagement, Product Roadmaps, Marketing Strategies, Complaints Resolutions etc.

  • * Complaints Across Region
  • * Complaints Across Products
  • * Complaints Across Providers
  • * Complaints Across Domains
  • * Products Across Region
  • * Products Across Sectors
  • * Products Across Providers
  • * Products Across Domains

Reachability Analytics

  • * Insights - customer Product, Brand & Organization Reachability across the Web & Social Media, enables formulate Marketing, Branding & Campaign Strategies , helps to understand key Influencers of Product, Brand & Organization for a target based Marketing & Campaign
  • * Identify the Key Influencer
  • * Track the highest visibility medium
  • * Implement reach based marketing
  • * Understand Product & Brand performance
  • * Provides Information Ranking
  • * Provides Google, Alexa Ranking
  • * Provides IP Address
  • * Provides the whole Data
  • * Reachability across products, region and providers

Lead Analytics Solution

  • * Identify and track customer leads, product leads, sales leads etc from the world wide web across your products lines and service offerings
  • * Identifying potential customers who are looking out to buy a product (Personal Loan, Mobile, Computer)
  • * Understanding the latest customer acceptance in market on recently launched product
  • * Identify what the customers are looking for based on customers age group
  • * Gathering the web profile of a person across the global social media sector. Blogs, Social Media Sites etc.
  • * To identify the best bloggers in market who may help the company in branding

Competition Analytics Solution

  • * Monitor and track Competitor Performance, Share of Voice, Product Acceptance, Customer Behavior .
  • * Understanding and learning competitor data, data and also in the world outside your business so you can be as competitive as possible. It means learning as much as possible—as soon as possible—about your industry in general, your competitors, or even your county's particular zoning rules. In short, it empowers you to anticipate and face challenges head on
  • * Compare Complaints Across Region, Products, Providers and Domain
  • * Compare Products Across Region, Providers, Domain
  • * Understand Reachability Across Products, Providers, Region, Customer
  • * Monitor Customer Perception and Acceptance of Products & Services
  • * Compare Reachability and Brand Across Sectors

Brand 360 Degree Analytics

  • * A completely Integrated, Comprehensive & Collaborated "Unique" & "Single" Platform/web portal solution for deep insights. Products, Services, Brands, Customer Behavior, Competition Insights, Market Reach
  • * Collecting, cleaning, normalizing, formatting and integrating your marketing performance data across various channels, including WorldWideWeb, Social Media, CRM & other systems, into a powerful, yet user-friendly interactive dashboard and reporting interface, faster and easier ever.
  • * Customer Complaints Resolution
  • * Brand Reachability Across the World Wide Web and Social Media
  • * Competition Analytics & Insights
  • * Potential Business Lead Generation
  • * Customer Sentiments & Tonality
  • * Dynamic Dashboard Reporting
  • * Social Media Analytics
  • * Custom Projects for Dynamic Analytics
  • * Real time Performance Monitoring and Escalation

Sentiment / Tonality Analytics

  • * Understand the Share of Voice and Customer Perception about your Organization, Products, Services and Brand by analyzing the sentiments of the customers across the world wide web and the social media portals, also from your internal CRM Systems.
  • * Sentiment analysis, also called as Opinion Mining aims to determine the attitude of a speaker or a writer with respect to some topic or the overall contextual polarity of contents across various sources. The attitude may be his or her judgment or evaluation, affective state or the intended emotional communication.
  • * Datum helps organizations to Understand and Monitor Customer Sentiments – Positive, Negative, Neutral
  • * Monitor and Manage the impact of the Perception of the Mass in the media
  • * Improve customer services across channels
  • * Discover insights about the consumer preferences
  • * Revive Brands by quantifying the customer perception
  • * Beat Competition by benchmarking performance and acceptance against Share of Voice - Demographic, Region, Volume, Influencers

Dynamic Dashboard Reporting

  • * This solution helps you to design your own Dashboards in a few clicks. Helps you to get instant multi dimensional analysis by your own analytical requirements over the browser on the go – on demand, gauge exactly how well your organization is performing overall, Dynamic Dashboards allow you to capture and report specific data points from each department within the organization, thus providing a "snapshot" of performance, real time.
  • * Create your Dynamic Layouts in a few clicks.
  • * Generate Dashboards using Pre-defined templates/widgets.
  • * Powerful and Intuitive Data Visualization
  • * More than 72 Chart types for various reporting requirements
  • * HTML5 Complaint, access over Mobiles, Tabs
  • * Multiple Database and Data sources Support
  • * Export dashboard reports to popular formats, and print or email them
  • * Compare your Dashboard Reports with other Images/PDF/Files within the Dashboard Widgets

Data Mining Solution

  • * Helps you to search, crawl, filter and collect the most relevant data across multiple data sources or a combination of data sources.
  • * Solutions help you to analyze historical business activities, stored as static data, document sets, email archives, call centre data, survey or opinion poll data, in data warehouse databases and other data archives and storages, to reveal hidden patterns and trends.
  • * Customers to implement advanced pattern recognition algorithms to sift through large amounts of data to assist in discovering previously unknown strategic business information. Some of the areas include performing market analysis to identify new product bundles, finding the root cause of manufacturing problems, to prevent customer attrition and acquire new customers, cross-sell to existing customers, and profile customers with more accuracy.