Customer Intelligence

Customer intelligence (CI) is information derived from customer data that an organization collects from both internal and external sources...

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Advanced Analytics

Softspace provides Advanced analytics which refers to future-oriented analyses that can be used to help drive changes and improvements in business practices...

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BigData Solutions

Softspace enable organizations to handle large data sets and millions of transactions to be processed realtime by harnessing the power of Hadoop. By implementing...

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About SoftSpace Network

SoftSpace was founded by Sanjeev Sikka and Vikas Gupta in year 2000, Softspace created eBeX for B2B and EAI data integration.

Softspace entered in Partnership with Datum and Datum has designed a Unique Product Framework, "Datum", to handle Data Sets, of BIG DATA, that can easily capture, store, manage, share, analyze and visualize. This advanced analytics capability exceeds typical Analytical and BI tools.

Softspace is offering project solution for Big Data projects,software & application.

Our Approach

Softspace is Project Management company to help Businesses to handle Customer Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Information Ranking, BigData Solutions, Complex Event/Data Processing and Dashboard Reporting by using Datum product framework. We enable technologies to change the way Advanced Analytics and BigData complexities are solved today.

Softspace helps client with understanding customer specifications, customizing project by deploying Analytics , training and also handle Data Lifecycle Analysis.

Open source technology platform helps companies in different domains like Aerospace, Manufacturing , Retail , Aerospace, Healthcare and Media.